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PS2 FMCB + 64gb With 17 Top Games Plug & Play Make Your PS2 USB Enabled

PS2 FMCB + 64gb With 17 Top Games Plug & Play Make Your PS2 USB Enabled


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Product details

this is memory card 8mb for ps2 with pre-installed mcboot (fmcb) for all models of ps2_
with 64 gb usb with preloaded digital offline games 17 to 18 (top games)
also, you can choose your optional games, so here are 2 options
(1.With top games,
2nd. is with optional games)

note: This is a quality tested product, so choose your ps2 model accordingly, ___

Return or replacement:_
this is not a returnable product,  so no refund or returnable.
but we cam privide replacement if you get wrong or not working product,
if there is any issue you get it after receiving, then you should contact us. If possible, then we will provide a solution. or otherwise we will provide replacment, 
3days replacment policy or warrenty.


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before Buy Please Read

note: To avoid damage or missing parcel, courier should check the courier in front of the courier boy or record the video, the courier boy must be visible in the video.

Note: Pls record a video of product unboxing front of courier boy, its compulsory for damage product poof, if you have recieved damage product then we need unboxing video, otherwise we cant help you in this case,

☆what if you recieved only damage box outer box or inner cover, ☆but product received well condition, controller are well and not brokken, and also all things working well:

then simply use and enjoy dont worry about box. becauae we are not selling used product. and selling only new products.

*☆wht if recieved damage Product (Game Console or controller): then
custmer need to mention on his first msg or in his first call that Gaming Console or controllers received damage. otherwise product will not replace. 

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