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4k GameBox G11 64/128/256 GB also work as Android Samet TV Box

4k GameBox G11 64/128/256 GB also work as Android Samet TV Box

Size: 128gb

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before Buy Please Read

Note: Pls record a video of product unboxing front of courier boy, its compulsory for damage product poof, if you have recieved damage product then we need unboxing video, otherwise we cant help you in this case,

☆what if you recieved only damage box outer box or inner cover, ☆but product received well condition, controller are well and not brokken, and also all things working well:

then simply use and enjoy dont worry about box. becauae we are not selling used product. and selling only new products.

*☆wht if recieved damage Product (gamebox or controller): then
custmer need to mention on his first msg or in his first call that gamebox or controllers received damage. otherwise product will not replace. 

  • this Is Gamebox G11 new only
  • 👌this is Gamebox G11 with New features and advance strong hardware</p>
    <p>god of war Ghost of sparta, GTA VCS  like games support with best fps, 14 to 60fps support👌
    👌game list
  • 3 days replacement  policy if product  Recived  faulty or not woking  condition 
    then only Replacment,  no return no refund, only exchange with higher price value product,👌
    courier charges will be bear by custmer  in any Condition in warrenty or in out of warrenty👌
  • 👍we are only Responsible for Gamebox not for Android functions, If any app will not work properly or not install then we are not responsible for this.👍
      connection guidance video
  • Pls Note: this product is comes with No return No refund Policy in any condition.. if u want to chk this product the  visit on our Store, or watch unboxing video on our channel. because we are not responsible for experience issues.

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